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The Deobandi and Tableeq Jamat Exposed – From the mouth of their own ulema

The founder leader of the Tableeghi Jamaat, Maulvi Rashid Ahmad Gangohi states: “The followers of Mohammad Ibne Abdul Wahab are called Wahabis, their beliefs were excellent.”(FATAWA-E-RASHIDJA – Vol. 1- Page 111)(6) i) In fact, clarifying and reiterating his and the beliefs of the Deobandis, Maulvi Manzoor Nomani, head of the Tableeghi Jamaat states: “And we […]

Want to become a true Wahhabi or Salafi ? then call your parents as MUSHRIK or Polytheist or Kuffars

  He (Ibn `Abd al-Wahhab) was also given to telling people wishing to enter his religion: “You must bear witness against yourself that you were a disbeliever and you must bear witness against your parents that they were disbelievers and died as such.” Now my dear Muslims do you want to testify that you were […]

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